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We are all ready to fill this page with some of your brilliant home learning!  Don't forget to email in some of the great things you have been doing to your year group email!





Having fun learning at home practising the phase 2 initial blend cr, counting and ordering numbers, being creative and practising our fine motor control.



Practising her sewing skills to create a beautifully cuddly pigeon from scratch.  



After deciding he wanted to create a book from scratch, a story was written (about a spider that played ice hockey) and some draft pictures were drawn up. He looked at other books for designs and ideas. Once he had a draft copy of what the book would look like, he made a final version on the computer. He searched for similar pictures he wanted on the internet and typed out the sentences. He noticed that other books he read had dedications in so dedicated his book to his mummy.  A beautiful completed book to be proud of.



In school, our key worker children have been creating using pine cones.  We now have some superheroes, monsters and wind chimes adorning our playground.



A busy week of practising addition and subtraction using a dice, minibeast sharing, reading, rocket maths and word-picture match. 



A fun-filled day incorporating a scavenger hunt of items around the house that start with each letter of the alphabet (but they have to fit on a dinner plate), single digit calculations and pebble painting.



Loads of fun ways to practise reading, writing and maths happening during the first week of home learning.  



Reading, writing, counting and initial sound recognition happening in the household today.  Enjoying himself but has informed mum that she's not as good or nice as his teacher!



A fun throwing game to add single-digit numbers and reading and sorting words into real and alien words.  Some brilliant learning taking place.



A fantastic phonics and writing-filled day with letter formation, word reading and an online phonics lesson with Mr Mac.




A busy day of learning including a fun PE lesson using Frozen Yoga (making sure her brother joined in to!)