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Whole school Geography progression overview


4 key questions that run through our Geography curriculum:  

Where is the place? What is the place like? How does this place compare to other places? How and why are places connected? 


In KS1, the school’s aim is to ensure that every child is a reader by 7. To ensure this, children need to be exposed to a high-quality language enrichment programme to develop communication skills and extend vocabulary. They also need experience of high-quality texts both fiction and non-fiction which inspire them to read. The Geography curriculum in the early years and KS1 is an ideal vehicle to support this. In addition to this, we are very aware that a number of our children have limited experiences beyond their hometown and that some of our pupils new to England and have limited language, and they and their families need to feel valued in our school community. The Geography curriculum has been designed to ensure there are opportunities to develop children's understanding of how we are connected to other places and to celebrate those links. 


We have looked carefully at the Geography curriculum across KS1 and KS2 to ensure that the knowledge being taught acts as a firm foundation for progression as children go through the school. We believe that children should have opportunities to develop and apply their previous learning and knowledge to new concepts and to develop key geographical skills.


Geography Road Map

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Whole school progress document

Our team of teachers have worked hard to ensure that concepts are taught in a logical and progressive way.  Click here to see a copy of the progression document that links to the Geography Road Map.


National Curriculum for Geography 

We have used the National Curriculum for Geography (KS1&2) as a basis for developing these progression documents.  You can view this in the links below.