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Reopening & Covid-19 Information

Covid Information for the period 23rd/24th October

Useful links to help support you and your children

The link below supports adults in understanding how your child may be feeling and gives advice on how to talk to them.  There are some excellent points made in the section Top 10 hints from Young Minds about how to talk to your child during this time. 


A useful link about supporting your child during COVID-19 if they are worried or anxious   


See the NHS links below to support Mental Health; including topics on the changes in our daily lives, the importance of routines, sleep, health eating - all things that we normally link to positive Mental Health 



See link below for adult information about keeping well mentally during this time 


A useful link addressing the changes to our daily lives and gives general ideas on how to be 'normal' in these far from normal times 

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