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Westwood follows the National Curriculum for England programmes of study for English.  Statutory guidance can be found from the DfE website by following this link: English Statutory Guidance


At Westwood Primary School, we believe that creating a reading culture is a vital tool in ensuring our children are given the best life chances.  Cultivating readers with a passion for a wide range of materials will ensure that children's love of reading will extend beyond the classroom and allow them to build upon skills independently.  Our intent is that every child is a reader by the age of 7.  We prioritise reading in Reception and Key Stage One so that all children will be able to access the broad and balanced curriculum taught at Westwood.




Phonics is taught every day in EYFS, KS1 and KS2 as appropriate.  Teachers use Jolly Phonics in Reception and the StoryTime Phonics scheme in Years 1 and 2 to plan and engage children in their learning of sounds.  Children are regularly assessed and teaching is adjusted accordingly.


Reading Scheme

When children have a strong enough grasp of their phonics, they are moved onto colour banded books that are aligned with the Phonics phase they have been learning.  These books are shared at school and at home.


Once Phonics and Reading skills have developed, children move onto Accelerated Reader where their progress is monitored by class teachers.


Our library is open to all children, whether they are on a reading scheme or not.  This enables all children to enjoy choosing and sharing books.