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PSHCE Policy Consultation

Change to the relationships and health aspects of PSHE education


The relationships and health aspects of PSHE education are now compulsory in all state schools and academies. We are now ready to consult on the creation of our policy and curriculum.


As a school, we are consulting with you (as parents or carers) so that our policy reflects the needs of our children and the views of our school community. One of our aims is that we want every child in our school to see their home situation reflected within our PSHE lessons. We also want children to feel prepared with the knowledge to move to the next stage of their development and to keep themselves safe. 


Relationships and Health Education is now a statutory subject. PSHE is the umbrella subject, where Relationships and Health education sit underneath. The sex education aspect (The Department for Education define this as "learning about ‘how a (human) baby is conceived and born") remains non-statutory and part of this consultation process is collecting views on whether this aspect of teaching is included at Westwood. All other aspects of sex education, including growing up and puberty, are now statutory. 


Our draft PSHCE and Relationships Policies are now available to view prior to completing the survey form link below.