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Religious Education



The RE curriculum at Westwood Primary School has been developed to ensure that all children have the opportunity to study the 6 main World religions and Humanism. We would like our children to gain “religious literacy” through regular immersion in the faiths and beliefs of people around the world and within our own communities. By repeating the religions throughout KS2 we endeavour to deepen their thinking and allow them to make connections between faiths.


We encourage children to engage with the complexities of faith and avoid portrayed stereotypes through research and debate. We intend that this well-rounded curriculum offers them the opportunity to develop a spiritual, moral and cultural understanding of themselves and the world around them.


Planning and Objectives


The key document in determining the teaching of RE is the locally agreed syllabus that can be found below in the Documents section. You can also find examples of our planning, using the agreed syllabus as a starting point.