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Year 4

Noah is proud of his potatoes!

Well done Ellie-Mae

Great stuff Brinn!

Budding historian! Well done Brinn.

Very proud of you Kajus!

Great reading Noah

Super work Emily

Look at all of this fantastic work! Well done Chloe

More super learning!

Out of this world - a real family effort!

Ellie-Mae - you are a star!

Very impressive Jimmy!

Ellie-Mae has been very busy!

Archie's comic book :)

If anyone needs a new book to try...

Archie has done some amazing outdoor activities!

Another week of wonderful home learning from Ellie-Mae :)

Chelsea's beautiful artwork <3

Jimmy has reached his 500,000!

King Joseph!


This really has made me smile! What wonderful girls :)

Some more super learning!

Jaxon has been doing some amazing learning :)

Kajus was awarded student of the week :)!

Look at this amazing puzzle!

Leyton has reached his 100,000 words!!

Max writing a brilliant story :)

Another week of super learning for Ellie-Mae!

Roll up, roll up for a tasty new ice-cream!

Noah has been a busy bee! Reading, quizzing, maths, painting, planting, celebrating and much more!

Oliver's Spring Poem

Isabel's fantastic doll house furniture made from recycling!

Isabel busy as a bee in Spring time!

A chocolate brownies recipe by Kajus!

Brinn and his amazing bug hotel!

Ellie-Mae enjoying her learning! :)

Isabel has been making edible slime and learning sign language!

Jimmy has been getting creative!

Gardening time!

Another week of super learning from Ellie-Mae! :)

Miss Lee's favourite, science experiments!

Joseph's super London brochure!

Harry's book review - a must-read I think!

Olivia has been very creative!

Dale's recipe and Kajus with his Easter multiplication!

Harry Coe got his 2,000,000 words!