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A young carer is a person under 18 that provides or intends to provide care for another person.  This might helping to care for a parent or a brother or sister.



Some comments from our Young Carers group:-


  • "I can relax and talk to friends" (Year 5 boy)
  • "I can help my brother at home as I am more relaxed" (Year 5 boy)
  • "I can talk about home" (Year 5 girl)
  • "I feel my concentration has improved in class" (Year 3 girl)
  • "I feel happier when I go home for weekend" (Year 4 boy)
  • "I have made new friends" (Year 4 girl)
  • "I can meet people in same situation as myself" (Year 5 girl)
  • "I can share what I do" (Year 5 girl)
  • "I can talk to people about what's going on" (Year 6 girl)