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Living In Britain

An Introduction to Parliament - KS2

This short animation introduces the UK Parliament, including its structure, how laws are made, elections and voting and how you can get your voice heard. View the whole film here in around eight minutes, or pick a chapter using the links below.

What is the House of Commons?

Explore the House of Commons, including how it all began, its main functions, how its members are elected and the role of MPs. If you are a teacher, this animation is an ideal starting point for introducing the House of Commons to secondary students studying subjects such as Citizenship or Government and Politics This film is part of a suite of animations that have been developed to explore the workings of Parliament.

Elections and Voting - KS2

Discover the different types of elections held in the UK and take a closer look at the General Election, exploring: our right to vote, how candidates and parties gain votes and what happens once elected. If you are a teacher, this animation is a quick and easy way to introduce the General Election with primary students.

What is Magna Carta?

Why is this old piece of parchment considered to be such a powerful symbol of our rights and freedoms? Narrated by Monty Python's Terry Jones, this animation takes you back to medieval times, when England under the reign of Bad King John.

Making Laws

Follow the stages of a bill from a proposal for a new law to becoming an Act of Parliament. If you are a teacher, this animation is ideal as an overview to how laws are made in Parliament for primary students. This is just one chapter of the 'An Introduction to Parliament' video.

London - UK Capital City

Cardiff - Capital of Wales

Edinburgh - Capital of Scotland