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Computer Basics: Inside a Desktop Computer

Have you ever looked inside a computer case before, or seen pictures of the inside of one? The small parts may look complicated, but the inside of a computer case really isn't all that mysterious. This video will help you master some of the basic terminology and understand a little about what goes on inside the four walls of the computer casing.

How does the Internet work?

Whether you're watching a YouTube video, downloading an email, buying a birthday present or linking up with friends online, you're sending data across the Internet. But how does "the web" actually work, and what lies behind it?




Apps suitable for KS1

Daisy the Dinosaur

By Hopscotch Technologies

Learn the basics of compter programming! This free, fun app has an easy drag and drop interface that can be used to animate Daisy to dance across the screen!  Children can grasp basics of sequencing, loops and events by solving the apps's challenges.


By TTS Group

This new Bee-Bot App has been developed based on the well-loved Bee-Bot floor robot.  The app enables children to improve their skills in directional language and programming through sequences of forwards, backwards, right 90 degree turns etc.



By SurfScore, Inc

This award winning game is designed to teach the basics of computer coding to children aged 5 and up.  Children can learn the fundamentals of modern programming in a fun and inviting way




By TTS Group

The app enables you to write an algorithm, sent it and the Blue-Bot will follow your instructions.  This is a great app, similar to Bee-Bot that teaches children directional vocabulary and sequencing.


Apps suitable for KS2


By Two Lives Left

Cargo-Bot is a puzzle game where you teach a robot how to move crates.  Sounds simple, right? Try it out!  Teaches algorithms, sequencing and directions 


By Hopscotch Technologies

Hopscotch is programming designed for everyone!  In a few minutes, you'll be making characters move, dance, draw and interact.  Control your project by tapping, tilting, shaking, and even shouting at your iPad.

Lego Mindstorms Fix The Factory

By The Lego Group

Fix The Factory is the cool new puzzle game from Lego Mindstorms featuring a cool humanoid robot, ev3rstorm, and a robot factory with battery packs dropped in all the wrong places....