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Assessing and Reviewing progress

At Westwood Primary School, we follow the graduated approach and the four-part cycle of assess, plan, do, review. 


Teachers work with the support of the SEN and Inclusion Team to carry out a clear analysis of the pupil’s needs. This will draw on:


  • the teacher’s assessment and experience of the pupil;
  • the child’s previous progress, attainment and behaviour;
  • other teachers’ assessments, where relevant;
  • the child’s development in comparison to their peers and national data;
  • the views and experience of parents and carers;
  • the pupil’s own views;
  • advice from external support services and other professionals, if relevant.


Assessments will be reviewed and Pupil Passports and Individual Support Plans updated regularly.


All teachers and support staff who work with the child will be made aware of the child’s needs, the targets set, the support provided, and any teaching strategies or approaches that are required.