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Curriculum and Learning Environment adaptations

If a learner is identified as having SEN, we will provide support that is additional to or different from what is normally provided as part of quality first teaching.  This additional layer of support is intended to overcome barriers to learning, so that the child may experience success and make progress.


When providing support that is additional to or different from, we engage in the four-stage Assess, Plan, Do, Review process.


At Westwood Primary School, all staff adhere to the following inclusive principles:

  • we value all pupils and promote inclusion;
  • we continually seek to identify the best ways to support the diverse needs of pupils within our care;
  • we are flexible in our approach, so we can find the best provision for each child;
  • we strive to ensure that every child is able to experience success;
  • within classes, teaching and learning styles and organisation are flexible to promote good learning.


We will make reasonable adjustments:

  • to increase the extent to which disabled pupils can fully enjoy and participate in our curriculum;
  • to improve the physical environment of our school in order to help disabled pupils take advantage of our education offering, facilities and services;
  • to improve our delivery of information that is readily accessible to pupils who are not disabled.