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Arrangements for handling complaints

At Westwood, we are committed to the provision of the best possible learning experience for every child in our care.  We value the opportunity to work closely with parents and carers and recognise the importance of home and school developing a strong relationship.  At the heart of this relationship, is the common goal of ensuring that the child experiences success and reaches their full potential.


Concerns about SEN provision should be made to the class teacher or SENCO in the first instance.  In most cases, we find that concerns can be dealt with successfully at this level. However if this is not possible, the concern may be escalated and raised as a complaint with headteacher.


For further information, please see the complaints policy on the school website.


The parents and carers of pupils with disabilities have the right to make disability discrimination claims to the first-tier SEND tribunal, if they believe that our school has discriminated against their child.


They can make a claim about alleged discrimination regarding:

  • Suspensions
  • Provision of education and associated services
  • Making reasonable adjustments, including the provision of auxiliary aids and services