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John Dougherty Visit

Tuesday 7th March saw us hold our first author visit involving an assembly for every year group. John Dougherty was also our first author to focus on poetry which included putting poetry to music.   He delivered 5 separate assemblies which were all different and tailored perfectly to the age group!    The musical numbers were a massive hit with our children, they laughed, clapped and sang along!  


John answered lots of questions from our children and even tried to relate certain poems to his answers.  John taught us to find the joy in poetry, whether we are making up a silly rhyme, want to tell a sad story or just have fun with words!



 We were also very lucky to have John share his brand new book with most of our children.  ‘The Hare Shaped Hole,’ is a beautiful rhyming picture book which gently explores the theme of grief and loss.  I know a lot of our staff and children found it very moving and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a way to help children who have experienced a loss.  


We finished the day with a book signing where John signed some books for children and teachers.  Look at the lovely array of colours John bought so he could sign in everyone's favourite colours! 


Thank you to everyone who supported our signing!  I would also like to say a massive thank you to parents for donating on World Book Day to make this event possible.  I can’t express how much the children enjoyed this visit, how much they laughed and the fact that a lot of children went away with a much more positive, excited view of poetry!