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Author visit inspires Upper Key Stage 2 pupils

Ben Davis comes to Westwood Primary School

The author Ben Davis performed an incredible assembly for year 5 and 6! He talked about his own embarrassing Dad and asked the children to share their own embarrassing family stories!


He read a couple of extracts from his books, making the children laugh and jump! We were also extremely privileged to be the first school to hear a part from his newest book. He talked about how his inspiration came from real life events, including an amusing anecdote involving trying to deliver letters to a house being guarded by an angry swan!


He kindly answered lots of the children's questions about being an author and whether he was ‘mates with anyone famous’!


Year 6 Workshops

Ben visited year 6 classes and together they created a character. They voted on what sort of family member it would be, what hairstyle they’d have and what they’d wear. The children then chose a name for the character - this would be the antagonist (the bad guy). They then created their main character and decided upon their goal or quest. We had one who wanted to be a pro wrestler, a Hollywood actor and a footballer. The children had to then create a story around these characters and their motivation, they could use drawings, make notes or start writing the story.


Visiting Year 4 and Book Signing!

Ben was kind enough to also come and visit our year 4 classes and tell them about his books and answer lots of questions! The children were very excited and had lots of wonderful questions prepared. Mrs Delaney also cornered Ben in the library and got him to sign all copies of his books that we have in the library! Lots of our children also designed their own autograph cards or got Ben to sign their work. Even Mr Albert joined in and got a photo for his door! There was a great deal of fun, excitement and laughter all day!