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Tom & The Trolls

The amazing storytelling company Gripping Yarns came to visit year 3 and 4 to tell us the tale of "Tom and the Trolls". The story uses very large (2 metre tall) puppets for dramatic impact and to clarify core messages applicable and comprehensible to children between the ages of six and eleven.

Tom and the Trolls tells the story of a young human child who meets and makes friends with a group of trolls. When he is unable to join in their games because he is different from them. He is teased, called names and threatened. Tom’s feelings are explored and a range of typical responses offered for evaluation. When silent suffering, fighting back and bribery fail to stop the bullying. Tom eventually realises he needs help and tells the Chief Troll what has happened. Together Tom and the trolls, with the help of the Chief, change their behaviour and break out of their bullying roles, establishing a new ethos of
co-operation and support.

The children were then encouraged to ask questions or make comments. The children were curious about how the puppets were made and thoroughly enjoyed seeing their heads come off to reveal how they were put together! The children also shared some of their real life experiences with conflict on the playground and we discussed our best methods of resolution.


Our children were also incredibly polite and shared how much they’d enjoyed the play with the actor Simon Firth.  Our year 4 classes have very kindly reviewed their experience! They have written some beautiful reviews and Mrs Delaney wanted to share a selection of them.

  • I liked it because of how much effort he put into it! I loved it.
  • I love it so I’ll rate it 10 out of 10, it’s just so so so cool. 
  • I was flabbergasted, he was a fantastic actor.
  • I liked it because it was funny and he acted it out really good. The puppets were made of love and the show was just really pleasant.
  • I loved the story because now I know not to keep a bad secret.
  • It was impressive how it was made up and acted, I liked how big the trolls were.